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Samsung E250 – Smart And Easy


The Samsung E250 is a part of the line of budget sliders recently launched by Samsung. Other members of this category are Samsung X530 and Samsung C300. Design wise, the Samsung E250 looks like a clone of another superior model from the same manufacturer – the Samsung D900. Infact, for an unsophisticated user it would be next to impossible to tell the difference between the two at a glance. The Samsung E250 is one of the most petite slider around reflecting of sleek dimension – 99 x 50 x 13.9 mm, and weight of just 80 grams. Although the initial offering was available in Silver, currently available color solutions includes green, pink and black.

The handset is fitted with a large TFT based screen that can produce more than 65000 different shades across its 128 x 160 pixels. Sliding open this stunner reveals the well spaced out, tactile keys that are comfortable to use – even for those with big fingers. A navigation key with a trademark 'i' key, call keys and two soft keys could be seen on the front fascia. The handset is made of standard plastic, making it durable while maintaining its weightlessness.

The Samsung E250 is endowed with a VGA resolution camera that can shoot pictures in 640 x 480 pixel resolution. The camera module may not sound great in context of today's multi megapixel modules available today, but it does it job well. The camera comes in very handy to share interesting moments with your friends in pictures. Capturing pictures of events happening around you and sending them to any of your friend's compatible mobile phone via MMS and Email adds loads of fun to your mobile communication. The handset also features a built in media player and a FM radio so that you are never short of entertainment while you are on the road. The handset's internal memory pool is about 10 Mb which could have been supplemented with external memory cards.

Source by Adam Caitlin