Best Coding Language for College Placements in India

Hello, friends today in this article I will talk about which language truth should need to to learn for placement the main goal is getting a placement at a good company.

So today I will share my opinion on which language do you need to learn in 2022, first of all,

I will share some fact if you do any coding language in master so you don’t worry about placement if you are good at doing in any coding language you easily get a good job.

In this article, I will give you choices according to my experience and details.

Interest level for learning

If you are interested in doing any type of coding language so cording to me this language is best for you to recover.

If you have an interest and specific language so you really do it because if you do what u like not get bored

If I tell you anyone language you need to do and learn daily so you not if you do you are bored too much and it to increase your stress level

If you like to do making android application show you do that if you like to make website so you do that if you like to do competitive programming so you work on it.

Language Selection

Ok, many people think interested a big thing but which language do you need to learn according to me if you’re looking for placement in India

So you check world level which language is in more demand this is because if any specific language is in high demand in the US in India

Many companies do work for an international client they doing work for them directly or indirectly.

Python vs Java vs C++

If I talk about StackOverflow survey 2021 so according to them they make a list of most popular languages and this started very beneficial for you according to the 2021.

Survey python is the most demanded language and on number second is Java and number third is c++ if you are a confusion these 3 languages.

which you need to learn so I will for you prefer for you python is best.

But I will already tell you select a language according to your interest because you get bored in long term and it creates many problems for you.

If you like competitive programming so python is not good for you for competitive programming you need to learn JavaScript and c++ you need to crack exams to get the job.

My suggestion

If you are currently in a situation that you getting a job in any company so everybody has their different choice and different situations.

But I will tell you to get that job and work for them because something is better than nothing but continue your preparation for any good company.

I hope this article helps you to select the best language for you.

Thank you for Reading.

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