Best Computer Courses after 10th & 12th

Hello, friends welcome back to my website and today in this article I will talk about best computer courses after 10th & 12th in this modern.

Ear technology increasing day by day and most of the jobs are based on tech so this is best for you learn about.

Technology in your starting age in this article I will give you full information about how you can learn about technology and best computer courses.

I hope this article helps you.

If you are in 10th class main thing is you need to know about the basics of computer many people think.

I know all basic of the computer but many people do not know how to use computer many people from rural areas have no access to any computer but now.

Government try to provide computer and add computer as a subject in every school and try to teach basic of the computer.

After 10th

If you want to know about basics of computer science so you do DCA (Diploma in Computer Application) in this course you know about basics of.

Computer and this is the most popular computer course in India many people do that and it department on center.

Many people charge 2k rupees and some charge a lot of money but according to me you need to do this course.

If you have a computer at home or you know basic of computer you do not need to do that and I will prefer you learn from YouTube if you have a computer.

If you know the basics of the computer so you need to learn web development you learn about HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

These are basic things you need to know in CSS you learn about padding margin.

It’s all about designing your website and HTML is bone of website you learn these things from you YouTube.

I will not prefer you buy the course and nowadays many application target young children for join there paid course.

I told you about me I learn HTML, CSS, and javascript from YouTube and I will prefer you website name w3school you learn about coding in a very easy way.

But if you already know about these things you learn about python.

After 12th

After your 12th class, you need to know all I told you in the previous paragraph and you learn all.

Microsoft office many people do not think this is important but when you looking for a job they ask you about you know Excel, PowerPoint.

Website making you need to know about how to make a website without looking at code from other websites you know how to add a table, img, etc.

With this you know about photo editing, video editing, learn Photoshop and graphic design you learn.

Learn any coding language account to your needs ever programing language used of different work learn less then one language and master it you learn this all things for free from YouTube.

But if you doing this for the job so you need to do in any coaching Institute and learn this thing from them because for a job many companies want a certificate.

And learn about application making this is not courses this is skills you learn and this helps you lot in your future because everything becoming advance and technology coming in every field.

I hope this article helps you if you like this

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