Best Photo Editing App for Android 2022

Hello, friends today in this article I will talk about the top 5 photo editing apps for Android.

In this modern ear everybody want to look cool and beautiful in photos and they use a different type of photo editing apps and this all photo editing apps is free and available on play store.

If you want to make your photos beautiful so read this article till the end and I hope this article help you.


I personally use this app for editing my photos and this app is available on the play store for free this application has a lot of features that help you to edit your photos and the main thing is this app.

Interface is very user friendly and easy to use in this app have one option called tools in this different type of tools available for edit professional photos.

But my favorite is tune image in this you edit your photo brightness, contrast, shadow, etc.

And this Easley see before and after image by long press on photo go and install this app from play store.

Motion Leap

This app defined the use of this app this app make your photo into a small video this app also has a pro version that provides you some pro feature.

I don’t think you need a free version to provide you good feature but if you want some extra feature so you go with the pro version in this app you.

make any still photo converted into video in-app click on the path and drow line on clouds this app .

Make the cloud move app this app has some more feature like this and this app make your photo very amazing.

Photo Editor Pro

This app is downloaded by millions of people and this app has the highest rating of 4.8.

I see very less app with this rating and high rating means app like by their users this app provide you lot of feature and this app also provide their premium version but I don’t think you need it.

In this app, you Easley remove the unusual objects from photos and the main thing is this does not decrease your photo quality this is a very clean interface and easy to use.

If you are not a good photo editor this app for you because the application is doing most of the work automatically.

Adobe Light Room

Most of the people already know about it I select this app because this app provides you some feature for free and for other.

Feature you need to go with their premium version this app provide you auto feature if you click on that this app automatically edits your photo with Ai and this apps.

Provide you all feature for edit professional photo this application provide you different type of tool of editing go and check out this app available on play store for free.


Last but not least this app is my favorite app I use this app for a long time and I use this app for doing different types of work this is the first app.

I use for photo editing and this app provided you update time to time and most of the photo people who edit their photos from mobile.

They use this app most of the YouTuber use this app for making YouTube video thumbnail and you Easley learn.

How to use this app because a lot of videos available on YouTube about this app.

I think this is all in one photo editing app and freely available on play store.

I hope this article helps you with all the apps I select free and available on play store.

If you like this article shear with your friends and comment your favorite photo editing app.

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