How do you Start and Grow an Instagram Page

Hi, welcome back to my website techinfo99 today I write an article about how you can start your Instagram page.

In this article, I will try to explain almost everything about how you can find a niche and things you need to do before starting a full explanation.

According to my experience so read this article and follow all steps.

So before starting an Instagram page some things you need to think about it.

Instagram page niche selected best Instagram page idea in 2022 already many Instagram page available.

They post content you need to do some change do things other not do select.

The best niche according to your knowledge and passion.

If you selected any niche without passion after some of your board and stop your page.

In 10 pages only 3 pages and archive success do you not need to do something different and helpful for people.

Make Instagram page

  1. The first thing you need to do is create an Instagram page this is the main and very simple follow these simple steps to do it.
  2. Open your Instagram
  3. Click on create new account
  4. Enter your page first and the last name
  5. Selected unique user name
  6. And done

Selected unique username

This point us main you need to select any unique and your user name short and easy to remember.

For this, you go on instausername website which helps you to find the best user name for your Instagram account.

Go on this website and search words or keywords according to your niche and it will provide you a list of simpler username list select uer name from that and this username is available on Instagram.

Make your unique logo for your Instagram page, not copy.

The logo from anyone to make a logo for free from canvas, Namecheap, and logo maker.


Bio plays the main role in increasing your follower in your Instagram bio write about your Instagram page and what you post make sure you use your nice related words.

Search if my account category about technology I use tech word in my Instagram bio.

It helps me to rank on Instagram search if anybody search tech Instagram suggests my page in search.

Use some fancy text it will help you to make your account bio more attractive.


This is the main thing if what you post on your Instagram page make sure you post unique and post regular post 2 posts every day.

It will help you to increase your Instagram followers fast and Instagram suggests your post to others for fast growth.

Post video content according to Instagram CEO Instagram is no longer a photo sharing platform.

It means Instagram wants you to make video content.

After tik to ban in India Instagram is the most-watched social media for short video Instagram wants you to post reels for fast growth.

On your starting day’s Collab with another creator with the same type of account.

Instagram Collab features help you to increase your follower in starting days post reels with Collab people know about your Instagram.

If they like your content of the course they follow you.

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