How Does Web 3.0 Work Full Explain

Hello, Friends today in this article I will talk about web 3.0 in this article I will try to explain everything about 3.0.

What is this how it works how web 1.0 and web 2.0 work. How it will change our world and Web.

Web 1.0

When the first web 1.0 introduce they don’t look like this first website created by British computer scientist Tim Berners-Lee the maker first website and this website have some text and hyperlink.

By clicking on this link you redirect to another page so after many improvement HTML make and people start adding images website this is our first web look like.

Web 2.0

After that website 2 generation start it remain now. Now everything is changed after that this baby 2.0

Make many people rich aur example Mark Zuckerberg became rich due to their website Facebook and in 2.0.

Web generation website not remain static website now website make dynamic and you can watch images videos and animation in the website.

So many people social media websites for example Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest.

And it started creating some problems for us for example people start uploading their data photos videos on social media websites.

In web 1.0 users do have not any authority to upload or change any data.

But this data save on the server and it because the main reason for privacy issues, for example, many advertisement companies show ads according to our data and other recent search aur according to our interest.

Many people start selling our data to others.

If any people upload save their photos on the server there are high possibility their employees see or share this photo with others.

Web 3.0

It solves our all problems it is pear to pear decentralized web it means anything you upload only you have authority to change or watch this data.

If you save data on the cloud so they become encrypted it means there are employees or people who own servers who are unable to read or edit this data.

This company does have not any permission for our data and most of the datastore on our phone to computer.

For example, Facebook has our data so they are rich by selling our data or showing advertisements related to our interests.

This web 3.0 works on blockchain technology.

It will almost be unable to hack. With the use of blockchain many technologies such as NFT, Criptocruncey.

This is an advantage of web 3.0 but it will create some new problems because data is encrypted many people use this for doing bad things.

And that’s why many people dislike it.

I try to explain each and everything in this article I hope you know about how our web 1.0, 2.0, and our future web 3.0 work.

Thank you for reading this article.

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