How to Check Laptop Before Buying

Hello friends today in this article I will talk about things you need to check before.

Buy second-hand laptop most of the time I prefer to the people buy a new laptop as compared to the old man but nowadays 2 to coronavirus.

Everybody buy a laptop and that’s why laptop price boomed and now price is very high and 2nd main reason chip and more demand and less supply.

That’s why laptop prices very high so that’s why people buy hand laptop and today I will share thanks so you need to check before buying a second-hand laptop and this information.

I will give you according to my experience and research.

I hope do you like this article and after reading this article you will not place any problem and buy a second-hand laptop.

Check Build Quality

The first thing you need to check is the laptop’s physical condition check in sunlight because in darkm

Things do not see clearly check all scratches on the screen and open and close the laptop many times check from side check there is a creak or not check everything.

Check Mouse and keyboard

Many people use a laptop during drinking tea or coffee and they Sydney fall down on the laptop.

Many times laptop working and not create a problem and some time laptop stop Working check all the key working or not open.

If WordPress and use every keypress many time check key working perfectly.

Next thing checks mouse pad check every side and click double click working fine or not because in computer.

This is not a big problem but in laptop if these things do not work you need to spend too much money on that.

Check Port’s

The next thing you need to check is the laptop Port’s.

If the laptop has more Port’s this is Beneficial for you I will prefer you check every port take the memory card from your home and try this is working or not the main.

Thing is to check laptop charger original or not and charger working fine.

If the charger is not original so laptop create problem check charging time how much laptop take time to charge fully.

Laptop Warranty

This is an important thing you need to check many people told you wrong date and say.

I will buy 6 months ago or 8 months not trust on anybody I will prefer you get the original bill of the laptop but for the check,

This go on the company website and put laptop serial number in the website and you see all the details laptop warranty and time.

When activating one more thing many people import laptop from other countries and sale important thing is if the laptop is import.

Laptop have no warranty and many time laptop parts not available in our country.


Check laptop have HHD Or SSD I think most of the old laptop has HHD.

But check there is an extra slot available for upgrade storage and go on website here you check your storage Profamce and check storage health.

For CPU and graphic card go on CPU-z for graphic GPU-z.

This website provide you with small software and it will help you to check the quality and give an overall score or performance.

I hope this article helps you in buying a second-hand laptop.

I will advise you to negotiate it will help you when you buy second-hand things.

Because they need money and you need a laptop so buy a laptop according to laptop condition.

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