How to delete Instagram Account Permanently

Hello, friends in this Modern era most youngsters use the Instagram application and according to reports Instagram is the fourth most visited website and application.

Instagram has 1.3 billion monthly active users and I am sure you also use the Instagram application and we all know about one problem in Instagram.

In our starting age we make any Instagram account and after forgetting their password we make one new Instagram account and be doing, again and again,

This but one problem created by this our old Instagram accounts still online and most of our friend following us on this account and be not online.

So to fix this problem you need to delete your old Instagram accounts for doing this I am helping you and I told you.

How you can delete your Instagram account step by step I hope this article helped you a lot.

Forgot Instagram Password

Before Delete Instagram account you need to do some things make sure to download your all Instagram data and know.

What is your password for this ID don’t worry I help you in doing everything first.

I told you how you can forget your Instagram password for doing this follow these simple steps.

  1. Open Instagram app
  2. Click on forgot password
  3. Add your username
  4. Selecte you connected Email Or phone no
  5. Click on send link
  6. On your email you get a link
  7. Open this link and Change your password
  8. You done.

Download Instagram Account Data

Now your Instagram password forgotten and login into your account make sure now you remember your password and open your Instagram account now.

I told you how you can download your Instagram data many people think we don’t need to do that but you all photos deleted after deleting your account so follow this simple steps to do.

  1. Open Your Instagram Account
  2. Click on profile
  3. click on 3 dots
  4. Click on setting
  5. Click on security
  6. Click on Download Data
  7. And done.

How to Delete Instagram Account Delete Permanently

Now I tell you how you can delete your Instagram account permanently before doing this make sure you complete this step and for doing this follow these simple steps.

  1. Open your Instagram app
  2. Login your account
  3. Click on profile
  4. Click on 3 dots
  5. Now click on setting
  6. Click on help
  7. Now Instagram help website open
  8. Click on 3 line
  9. Manage your account
  10. You see a option of delete your account
  11. Now you see delete options click 2
  12. Click on delete account
  13. Now login your account you need to delete
  14. Selecte reason why you delete your account.
  15. Click on delete.

Now, your Instagram account is not deleted it will take a few days to permanently delete your account.

Make sure you do not try to log in to your account if you log in to your account in 15 days your account delete has been canceled.

I hope this article helps you so make sure shear with your friends and if you face any problem comment in the comment section


will try to help you. Thanks.

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