How to Increase Followers and Reach on Instagram

Hello friends in this modern ear everybody uses Instagram and their photos and video.

Instagram have 500 million daily active users and monthly 1 billion active users and everybody wants to become famous on Instagram and gain more followers.

But most of the people photos and video not viral and they not get reach today in this article I will talking about.

How you get more followers on Instagram and increase you account reach.

Instagram Creator Account

The first thigh you need to do is update your account to the creator account when you make your account your account will be simple and you not get extra features such as seeing your account analysis and your account and post reach.

For Instagram creators, you need to follow these simple steps.

  1. You open your Instagram account.
  2. Go to your profile.
  3. Click on 3 dots and click on setting.
  4. Click on creator button.
  5. Selecte account category
  6. And done

Now many features are available in your Instagram account such as now you check your Instagram post-analysis open your post and click on View insights and you see your post reach and everything.

Moreover, you check your account insight click on the profile button and click on the insight button.

You check your account analysis and time when your Instagram audience is more active.


Nowadays most people like to watch short video after the TikTok ban in India most people start watching Instagram reels and Instagram also give more reach if you make Instagram reels.

And there is a high chance of getting reach.

I will suggest you post 2 or 3 short videos every day it will help you to get more followers to make Instagram reels according to trends everyday new and new trends trending on Instagram.

You will also make videos according to trends use trending songs in your videos and one more thing.

If you use trending Instagram filters you also get more reach when Instagram launch there any new filter and new feature.

You make a video using the Instagram automatically increase your account reach.


hashtags are the best way to reach your account with the help of hashtags Instagram know about your post type and people.

Who follow this hashtag for example if upload any post with the car and I use #carlover.

Instagram show my post to people who like or follow post who have also same hashtags in the caption.

Moreover, use 4-9 hashtags in one post-Instagram provide to use more than 30 hashtags but account to Instagram u use 3-5 hashtags for more reach.

And use hashtags account to your post type.


If your account is new so you do not get a view you need to collab with your friends or people who have more Instagram followers.

Than you Instagram launched this feature a few days ago and with the help of this feature you Easley get to view and followers.

1 found a person who has more followers and make one collaboration video and when they post reels they Easley add you in collaboration and now this reels Instagram show to your and his all followers.

Instagram Story

Many people do not use story features properly and so that’s why they do not get a story view.

The Instagram story is a way to content with your audience use a new sticker in your story and use any activities sticker for example poll reaction and question sticker.

It will help you to get more reach.

The second thing is if your reels do not get the view you request your friends to shear your reels in their story people who watch the story count as a reels view in your account.

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