Nothing ear (1) earbuds: Price, features, Review

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hey guys i’m Arsh Aulakh from and this article is about nothing’s first ever product is here and it is this little thing yeah these are the Nothing ear (1) truly wireless earbuds and they’re pretty interesting.

Nothing ear (1)
Model Name B181
Color White
Headphone Type True Wireless
Inline Remote No
Sales Package 1 Pair of Earbuds, Charging Case, USB Cable, Ear Tips (S, M, L), Quick Start Guide
Connectivity Bluetooth
Headphone Design Earbud
Sweat Proof Yes
Foldable/Collapsible No
Deep Bass Yes
Water Resistant Yes
Headphone Driver Units 11.6 mm
With Microphone Yes
Bluetooth Profiles A2DP, AVRCP, HFP
Bluetooth Version v5.2
Battery Life 34 hrs
Battery Capacity 570 mAh
Play Time 34 hrs
Warranty Summary 1 Year Warranty
Covered in Warranty Manufacturing Defects
Not Covered in Warranty Physical Damage


The design here alone is quite different but there are a bunch of features here as well which is why i am really excited about these earphones well i’ve been using the Nothing ear (1) for a while now and this is my review of the Nothing ear (1) so let’s get started.Even though the name of this company is nothing there are a lot of interesting things about these earphones starting off with the design as you can see this is not the kind of design you’ll find in any other earphones right now.


The case is transparent and really well built and there’s a simple usb c port for charging and a button for resetting and pairing the earphones the earphones themselves also have a transparent body and i mean it’s quite a good look there’s the Nothing ear (1) text printed here as you can see and because these are transparent you can kind of see the circuit board as well it’s quite cool and it’s definitely a fresh new design look truly wireless earphones have looked the same for years now especially because most companies just end up copying apple’s design so rather Nothing ear (1) design has definitely made me happy plus they have ipx4 rating for sweat and splash resistance so you can definitely use these for your workout sessions these earphones are also very comfortable they actually have the same pressure relieving vents that you’ll find in the airpods pro so when you wear these earphones

In Ear Feel

it feels like you’re not wearing any earphones at all plus they fit quite well in my ears obviously i did the head banging test with these and they stayed in my ears easily so that’s great anyway design aside let’s talk about the sound quality but first let’s connect these earphones technically the Nothing ear (1) support fast pairing with android phones but for some reason it’s not working for me on any of the android phones i tested so i had to connect using the year one app the process is still simple and you’ll be set to go in a minute but yeah hopefully that will be fixed on iphone you have to connect using the bluetooth settings and that’s pretty much it you can install the Nothing ear (1) app here as well but yeah that’s all when it comes to connecting the earphones so the Nothing ear (1) have an 11.6 mm driver and a 0.34 cc air chamber for better sound i’ve used these earphones extensively over the last few days and the sound quality here is really good the earphones sound amazing

The highs mids and the bass are all well balanced the bass is thumpy and deep but not overpowering which is great i’m quite impressed actually plus even at max volumes you’ll not hear any break in sounds or anything like that and they get loud af seriously so loved now i did notice that there is a little bit of sound leakage at max volume but it’s really minimal and honestly i doubt you’ll use these at highest volume anyway because it will hurt your ears apart from that i also did a gaming test with these earphones i played battlegrounds mobile india and there’s no noticeable latency in the sound so they are really good for gaming as well that said the Nothing ear (1) don’t have support for aptx which is slightly disappointing so yeah these are pretty much the best sounding earphones i have used in this price at this price you might consider the oneplus buds or the galaxy but plus but yeah the nothing year one are definitely better in sound quality the galaxy buds are a close second but if you’re looking for impressive sound quality in this price.


i would recommend the Nothing ear (1) moving on one of the most important features here is noise cancellation yeah the Nothing ear (1) comes with support for active noise cancellation and it’s okay there’s nothing extraordinary about it and honestly i don’t think it will really make much of a difference in really loud conditions but it’s fine for regular use i do think the oppo inco x have better anc but they’re also more expensive so yeah if you want really good active noise cancellation you will have to spend some extra money other than that the Nothing ear (1) have a bunch of other features as well there’s your detection so your music plays and pauses automatically which is nice to have plus there’s support for tab gestures here so you can double tap to play and pause music and triple tap to skip tracks that’s fine but you also get volume controls here so you can swipe up and down on the stem of the earphones to increase or decrease the volume it works well enough although sometimes you might struggle with it a little bit obviously you can also long press on either earbud to switch between noise cancellation on and off as well as transparency mode so all of these settings and gestures are great

But if you don’t like them you can customize them from within the year one app as well here as you can see you can adjust the triple tap as well as touch and hold functionality for each earbud individually i would have liked more options here such as customizing double tap etc but yeah as of now it’s a little lacking then there’s the find my earbuds feature which can help you if you lose one or both the earphones it plays a loud sound from the earphones so you can locate them other than that there’s also support for adjusting the noise cancellation strength here and as you can see i have it set to maximum because like i said the anc here isn’t really good so the light setting will probably be useless apart from that there’s an equalizer but once again it just has these preset options and you can’t make manual adjustments yet so yeah the ear one app is a little underwhelming for my taste i mean it seems like the bare minimum kind of feature set within this app so i’m not really happy with it anyway let’s also talk about making calls with these earphones look most budget truly wireless earphones are just okayish when it comes to my quality but the Nothing ear (1) are definitely quite good i’ve been using them for making phone calls a lot and the voice clarity according to the other person was really clear and nice so that’s good but i’ll leave it up to you to decide so i’m recording this with the mic on the Nothing ear (1) and yeah i can’t hear myself so comment down below and tell me what you think of the mic quality on the Nothing ear (1) lastly


Nothing claims that the earphones last 4 hours with anc on a single charge and up to 24 hours with the case without active noise cancellation that goes up to 34 hours and well those numbers are pretty accurate to be honest i tested these earbuds with anc on and max volume and they last around three and a half hours for me so it’s a decent battery life i mean other earphones like the real me buds here do have better battery life so yeah it’s not the best but it’s okay plus they have fast charging too so you can just charge them for 10 minutes and get 50 minutes of playback time with active noise cancellation on the case here also supports wireless charging with any g charger so that’s how i mostly use it but yeah there’s usbc if you want fast charging as well as you can probably tell i am very impressed with these earphones


i mean they offer an interesting new design active noise cancellation and really good sound quality all of that for a price of just rupees 6000 that’s it there are a few quirks too my biggest complaint here is the quality of noise cancellation it’s just not good enough plus the ear one app is lacking in features as well and the battery life is definitely not the best in class

Overall though these are really good earphones and yeah if you’re looking for truly wireless earbuds in this price range i’d say go for it well that was my review of the Nothing ear (1) and yeah i’m definitely impressed with these earphones but what do you think are you impressed with the Nothing ear (1) design the price tag and the features let us know in the comments also give this article a like and share it with your friends.

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