Top 5 Open World Games for Android 2022

Hello, friends today in this article I will talk about the top 5 open-world games for Android.

In this modern ear not only children or youngster everybody like to play games on their mobile.

For entertainment and spent their time from few years.

After pubg many people start playing games.

Most of the open world in computers many people play GTA v or other games but on mobile.

You have not too much choice but today.

I will shear the top 5 open-world Games for Android.

And good thing is all these games available on the play store for free.

Taxi similar

You can play this game online and offline both.

If you have no internet so you easley play this game offline.

If I talk about the game graphic.

I really like it this game provides you with different types of angles.

The main thing is game is all about a taxi driver.

You pick people and drop to their destination and in this, you need to do a different type of mission.

This game size is 878MB and is available on the play store.

Madout 2 Big city

This game looks like a GTA v and this game graphic is very similar to GTA v all things available in this game such as different types of cars, bikes, jeeps, and helicopters.

In this, you need to complete the mission for full access this game is multiplayer you play this game with 100 people.

The game size is 438MB and is freely available on the play store.

Gangstar New Orleans

This game is not played offline you need the internet to play this game and but the game is very amazing I really like game graphics and all things available in this game for example guns, cars, bikes.

You buy a house and this game is also available on the play store size of this game is 1GB.

Gangster Rio

This game size is 2.2GB but this game is really amazing but the bad thing is this game is paid but available on play store buy this game for play if we talk about the game.

This game is most real and all the guns and cars available in this game and the main thing is this you modify player and cars according to your choice.

This game is offline you not need any internet connection to play this game and the control of cars is very smooth.

Grand criminal

This game is freely available on the play store this game size is only 600MB if you have any old model or 2GB ram smartphone so you Easley play.

This game and in this game, you need to complete the mission for unlocking map this game map is too big but lock when you complete your mission make become big and big.

This game graphics is not high-end but not bad play this game if you have a low ram smartphone.

This is today’s article I hope you like it and share your opinion about this game and suggest the best game in the comment section.

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