Top 5 Short Video Apps in India 2022

Hello, friends today in this article I will be talking about the top 5 short video apps in India.

If I talk about 1 year ago TikTok become very popular in India most people start using TikTok and many people made a videos on TikTok.

But after that due to bad relation with Chinna Indian government banned 59 Chinese apps and TikTok Stop working.

But after TikTok ban almost every app start providing a short video feature and according to Facebook and Snapchat future of social media looks like TikTok.

People like watching short videos because they did not have time to watch the large video and in short video size is only 30s to 60s.

But today I will be talking about the best short video apps in India.

All these apps are free and available on the Play Store.


On number one Instagram is a social media app this app people use for uploading photos and chatting with friends.

But after TikTok ban Instagram use this opportunity and give a short video feature named reels and become.

So popular in Indian and most of the people use Instagram for watching the short video.

Download this app available on Play Store and the main thing here you can also u can upload your photos and this app available in world Instagram is the 3 most popular app.

Instagram have 1 billion monthly active users so here you can watching a different type of videos like tik to and enjoy.


According to me, you all know that YouTube is a Google product .

Here you can watch different types of educational and entertainment videos.

And now YouTube provides a new feature of short videos and YouTube provides their monetization feature YouTube used by people around the world on YouTube.

Provide informational entertainment funny show short videos according to your taste and the main thing in YouTube shots.

YouTube does not allow any wrong video we all know that on TikTok many people upload vulgar content and TikTok not take any action on it but YouTube delete if people upload any wrong video.

Mx taka take

We all know about MX player this is an Indian app used for watching video but now they launched their new all called MX taka take this is a short video app and this is an Indian app.

This app provides you with different types of effort and filters for editing your video.

Moreover, this app organizes giveaways from time to time and prizes who upload good content.

Almost every chapati makes a video on that platform.

And get millions of likes and videos. If you like to watch videos of Capri so download this app now available on the Play Store.


yes, Instagram and Facebook are both social media owned by one person.

In both apps short video features available in Facebook most of the old people use for entertainment and on Facebook.

You can see your locality videos and photos facebook is 1 social media in Facebook when you scroll down you can see the tab of reels in this you can see both Instagram and Facebook shorts videos.

This app is available on the play store to go and download.

Moj App

In India, for Whatsapp status, most of the people use the shearchat app and this is an Indian app.

This app is launch there is a new app called moj.

In this app all feature available such as filter and video editor.

If you want to use Indian app so you try it.

These app videos also show on shearchat app if want to download status and a short video so download shearchat.

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